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Your Terms, Our Leaders: Scaling Brands, Building Teams, Unlocking Growth.

Fractional CMO projects

Start Growing.

Skip The Risk.

In the age of AI and multi-channel marketing, businesses are scrambling to find the right talent at the right time.

Yet marketing leaders have the highest attrition rate and 74% of employees leave jobs within a year because of fit issues.

Hiring a Fractional Marketer finds you the best fit at speed, without the risk.

Impact-Driven Execution

Focused on your goals, whether scaling, driving efficiency, or unlocking new channels.

Talent That Fits Your Team

Talent that matches your stage of growth and team chemistry.


Fractionals speak speed—turning strategy into swift results.


Roles and Projects

Strategic Brand Leadership

Fractional CMO’s, VP’s, and Directors.

Performance Channel Operators

Paid Social (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok), Paid Search (Google), and Affiliate Channel Leaders.

Organic (Owned Channel) Managers

SEO and Organic Social Leaders


Marketing analytics, attribution, tracking, and tools.

About Us

Growth Fraction was founded by Jeevan Balani after serving as a Fractional CMO and Head of Growth at several startups.

He has built a vetted community of fellow Fractional marketing leaders with distinguished careers.

We believe scaling growth requires hands on leadership, experimentation at speed, and specialized talent with a strong track record.


How Do Fractional Marketers Differ from Consultants?

Fractional marketers bring hands-on expertise with a focus on execution, carrying recent, relevant experience to directly tackle your marketing challenges. They align not only in skill but also in company culture, becoming a part of your team rather than just external support.

What Experience Do Fractional Marketers Typically Have?

Our Fractional CMOs are industry veterans, boasting over 20 years of professional marketing experience. We also offer fractional marketing VPs and directors with 10-15+ years of experience, ensuring depth and breadth of knowledge in every engagement.


How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Fractional Marketer?

Starting at $5,000/month, the investment varies depending on the scope and intensity of the required work. Our approach ensures you receive tailored expertise that aligns with your budget and business goals.

Which Types of Businesses Benefit Most from Your Services?

We excel with startups, private equity and VC-backed firms, and companies poised for rapid growth. Our fractional marketing executives are catalysts for scaling businesses efficiently and effectively.

Can a Fractional Marketing Executive Lead Our Team?

Absolutely. Unlike consultants, our fractional executives deeply integrate with your team, playing a pivotal role in steering and managing existing marketing efforts. This close collaboration is key to driving unparalleled results.

How Do You Ensure a Great Fit?

Our rigorous vetting process includes regular community interactions to grasp each candidate’s unique strengths. We conduct in-depth discussions with your team to understand your needs thoroughly before suggesting candidates. This collaborative selection process continues with ongoing support to ensure the partnership meets your evolving goals.

Elevate Your Business With A Fractional Marketing Leader