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Our Mission

Cultivate a vibrant community for fractional leaders in growth and marketing, where part-time engagement doesn’t mean part-time belonging. We strive to provide a supportive network that eradicates the isolation often felt by non-full-time team members.

Through collaboration, shared experiences, and continuous learning, we empower our members to craft careers that not only reflect their professional aspirations but also honor their personal commitment to work-life balance and harmony.

What You Get

Community Access

Connect with peers in a dynamic space for fractional leaders—exchange insights, build bonds, and belong.


Access a suite of proven templates, optimizing your part-time efforts with proven, efficient tools.

Collaboration Opportunities

Join forces with like-minded professionals for collaborative projects that expand your impact and reach.

Job Board

Discover part-time roles that fit your expertise and flexible lifestyle on our specialized job board.

Q&A Sessions

Directly address your challenges with live expert advice and peer support in our interactive Q&A sessions.

Resource Library

Stay informed and inspired with quick access to the latest trends and resources in growth and marketing.

About Us

Our Community

Our community is a tapestry of dynamic fractional leaders in marketing and growth, known for driving tangible results across diverse industries. Together, we’ve crafted successful strategies that resonate with brands and consumers alike. But beyond the metrics, we celebrate the work-life harmony we’ve achieved—careers that flourish without compromising the joy of living.

Average Professional Experience

of members aspire to be fractional for the long-term

Collective marketing budget managed by our members


Our Members

“I am grateful for having a shared space to talk about the challenges (and joys) of being a fractional leader.”

Nadia W.

“I got my first fractional role 6 weeks after joining Growth Fraction!”

Scott L.

“Hands down, the best professional community I have joined.  I got the structure and accountability I needed as a consultant.”

Lisa C.

“It’s been nice to learn how to navigate being a fractional leader with others on a similar journey to mine.”

Brian C.


Is the community a good fit for me?

Our community is a good fit for those looking for support, accountability, or camaraderie in growing their fractional career AND are willing be an active participant.

What is the cost?

There is no cost to join our community. We are committed to providing value and enhancing our community based on community feedback. Please note that membership is by application only, and spots are limited to ensure a high-quality experience for all members. As we evolve, we may introduce a pricing model that reflects the value of membership.

What is the typical profile of community members?

Most members have 10-15+ years of experience in marketing and growth roles, with a significant percentage in tech.  And they usually have 1-4 years of experience serving in Fractional roles (e.g., Fractional CMO)

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